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RF Tuners.

Second Source, Inc. manufactures two styles of RF matching networks. The matching networks are designed to tune an extremely wide range of load impedances without having to change tap settings or add additional components.

Only the highest quality components are used to guarantee accurate and reliable tuning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The design is simple, there are no microprocessors or special electronics. The motors operate on 24 VDC and the phase/mag detector mounts separately and is totally passive. The tuner has been proven to be extremely robust and reliable in the field since 1996.

The tuners can be modified or redesigned to meet almost any customer or OEM requirements.


  • 2 element tuners:
    • Standard tuner operating at 13.56 MHz from 0 to 3000 watts with 2 variable vacuum capacitors.
  • 3 element tuners:
    • Standard tuner operating at 13.56 MHz from 0 to 3000 watts with 3 variable vacuum capacitors.
    • The 3rd capacitor is used to split power away from the load providing for the ability to bias a 2nd load.
    • The matching network is fully capable of maintaining low reflected power through a 90% split. An example of this would be to apply 2000 watts to a target and then split some of that 2000 watts to the substrate and control it by voltage.
    • Using a 3 element tuner is cost effective because you do not have to purchase a 2nd RF generator and a 2nd tuner to bias the substrate.
  • 2 and 3 element tuner spec sheets:
    • Operating frequency: 13.56 Mhz
    • Maximum power: 3000 watts
    • Maximum current: 120 amps
    • Input impedance RF generator: 50 ohms
    • Voltage monitor output: 0 - 10 volts dc
    • Resistive load impedance: 0.8 to 50 ohms
    • Reactive load impedance: -j250 to +j70
    • Wafer cooling: 3/8 quick connect / 1gpm
    • Interface: RF mini panel or custom controls

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