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2400 cassette series - systems

Automated Sputtering Systems

Sputtering System Automation.

The System Interface Controller or SIC, is a software based process control system specifically designed to operate high vacuum thin film sputtering systems. Our sputtering controller is powered by the National Instruments Data Acquisition hardware and the LabVIEW graphical programming system.

Each of our MS Windows, PC based software control systems can be quickly tailored to meet individual customer needs.


Sic v412 software demo available (password required).


Highlights of our process control system:

  • General Features:
    • WYSIWYG screens for easy, intuitive, point-n-click operation.
    • Multi-tasking GUI application.
    • Completely automated "one button operation" of process runs.
    • Software enabled Emergency Stop capability from every screen.
    • Automatic screen updates of all process data.
    • Programmable process thresh holding capability.
    • Automatic target time tracking system.
    • Historically collected process data can be exported in tab delimited text.
    • Time/date stamp messaging system.
    • Built-in, hidden log file system used for trouble shooting.
  • Manual Operation:
    • Complete 3-D diagramed control/feedback screen.
    • System operation with or without hazard interlocks.
    • Ability to run macros for pumping, venting, loading, unloading, cryo regeneration and more.
    • Perform repeatability/reliability testing with sets of macros.
    • Access to all analog input and output signals.
    • Access to all digital input signals.
  • Configuration Editors:
    • System, gas, target, head, setpoint, motion and scale factor configuration editors.
    • Operator defined process recipes will be allowed to run based upon the configuration of the tool.
  • Recipe Editor:
    • Process recipe editor for operator defined recipes.
    • Parameters include: run time, chamber base trip psi, gas, pressure, table speed (where applicable), preclean load and tune, substrate and target power supply.
  • Automated Run Features:
    • Ability to select which recipe as well as which step to start with.
    • Option to collect historical process data.
    • Current date/time is used in the file name of historical files.
    • History data sampling rate selectable.
    • Option to indicate Product Identifiers.
  • History Viewer:
    • Ability to search all history files for specific Product Identifiers.
    • Goto first warning (thresh holding) in an open history file.
  • Security Features:
    • Protects different areas, abilities and aspects of the software control system from unqualified personnel.

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